Posted on Mar 19, 2020

Lumi Wellness Shop

This post is meant to provide clarification to a recent news broadcast about Lumi on "The Story", a Portland news channel. In the coverage the broadcaster states that "CBD is not a cure for Covid" insinuating we stated CBD is, which we did not.

Lumi sells a variety of curated CBD products along with many other plant based wellness goods including tinctures containing no CBD such as Elderberry, Reishi and many others.

Lumi advocates use of different plant based goods to help strengthen the systems impacted by Covid. There are a variety of options we carry which support healthy respiratory and immune system function.

It is and has always been our commitment and intention to provide the highest quality goods in our shop and to provide education that helps our customers make informed decisions.

During this time we are open to serve our community and provide access to useful and meaningful wellness products.

We offer shipping to honor the recommendations to stay quarantined. Please call for questions or to place an order.
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